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Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine
Welcome Address
Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM) and the Scandinavian Society
for Sexual Medicine (SSSM), it is a great pleasure for us to welcome you all to the 17
of the ESSM in Copenhagen, 2015.
Copenhagen was the host to a very successful ESSM Congress in 2005, and it is a true honor
to celebrate the 10 year anniversary with a return to the Danish capital city.
Furthermore it is a privilege that during the 2015 congress it is the 20 year Anniversary ce-
lebration of the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM). To celebrate this occasion we
would like to invite all delegates to an anniversary reception after the opening ceremony.
Remembering the past 20 years will also continue throughout the meeting.
Copenhagen is a pulsating metropolitan capital as well as a historical oasis, which is home
to the oldest monarchy in the world. You can reach Copenhagen Airport on non-stop flights
from more than 140 destinations.
The ESSM Congress will be hosted at the Bella Center. The goals of the Congress will be
both to deliver optimal scientific and educational programs and to promote the field of Se-
xual Medicine. The content of the Congress will cover topics regarding all sexes and all se-
xual orientations as well as state-of-the-art educational opportunities. The most recent in-
novative research will be highlighted. To achieve this, the faculty will include both renowned
experts and up-coming stars in our field. The Local Organizing Committee will strive to make
the importance of the Congress evident to the public and to the scientific and health care
authorities. This is crucial because of the obvious co dependence between the people who
develop and the people who perform treatments. Finally, we wish to create more networking
opportunities for especially young researchers and health care providers with an interest in
Sexual Medicine.
If you have time to enjoy the city during the Congress, a thousand year history awaits you in
museums and open historical buildings throughout the city. For those who are more interested
in modern trends, Copenhagen is also one of the world‘s leading design capitals.
We look forward to welcoming you to Copenhagen and together we will build a great ESSM
Congress for 2015 !
David Ralph, UK
Jens Sønksen, Denmark
Mikkel Fode, Denmark
ESSM President
Local co-chair
Local co-chair
David Ralph
Jens Sønksen
Mikkel Fode
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