Final Programme 2019

28 SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMME Saturday, 27 April 2019 PL-02 Plenary Session 08:30–10:30 Auditorium I Update on ADHD neurobiology and pathogenesis Chairs: S. Faraone, USA M. Gerlach, Germany PL-02-001 Where we are right now 10 years later after the first paper on ADHD brain maturation delay? M. Hoogman, The Netherlands PL-02-002 Defining the neural substrate of adult outcome of childhood ADHD J. K. Buitelaar, The Netherlands PL-02-003 Update on genetic and environmental influences on ADHD S. Faraone, USA PL-02-004 Is mind wandering an essential marker of ADHD? P. Asherson, United Kingdom 10:30 – 11:00 Coffee Break LN-02 Late Breaking News 10:30–11:00 Pavilion 4 Chairs: A. Caye, Brazil K. Ellison, USA LN-02-001 ADHD and lifetime cannabis use: Genetic overlap and causality J. A. Ramos Quiroga, Spain (Supported by an unrestricted grant from MEDICE) PC-01 Pro-Con-Debate 11:00–12:30 Auditorium I Do we need to treat subthreshold ADHD? Moderator: J. Thome, Germany Proponent: J. Biederman, USA Opponent: D. Coghill, Austalia P-15 Guided Poster Tour 12:45–14:15 Pavilion 5 Experimental models Chair: P. Riederer, Germany P-15-001 Thyroid hormone-responsive gene overex- pression in the striatum leads to the de- velopment of inattentive-like phenotype in mice C.-J. Botanas, Republic of Korea R. J. Custodio, M.-K. Kim, H.-J. Lee, A. Abiero, L. V. Sayson, H.-J. Kim, Z.-Y. Ryoo, J.-H. Cheong P-15-002 Effects of acupuncture at ‘’Sanyinjiao’’ (SP6) and ‘’Baihui’’ (GV20) on the behavior and monoamine neurotransmitter in prefron- tal cortex of ADHD model rats X. Ni, People’s Republic of China M. Zheng P-15-003 Excitatory/inhibitory imbalance in the Gad1b ADHD zebrafish model M. Romanos, Germany A. D´Orazio, T. Lüffe, C. Nilp, C. Lillesaar, C. Drepper P-15-004 An eye on ADHD: Can the retina be used as a diagnostic support tool? A. P. Silva, Portugal M. H. Madeira, V. Coelho-Santos, R. A. Leitão, R. Boia, C. Fontes-Ribeiro, R. Fernandes P-15-005 Knocking down cntnap2 displayed hyper- activity symptom of ADHD in zebrafish C. Wei, Macao W. Yufeng, Y. Li P-15-006 Effect of Catalpol on behavior and neu- rodevelopment in juvenile spontaneously hypertensive rat model of ADHD X. Ni, People’s Republic of China H. Yuan P-16 Guided Poster Tour 12:45–14:15 Pavilion 5 Non-pharmacological treatment – adults Chair: A. Philipsen, Germany P-16-001 Cognitive-behavioral group therapy for ADHD inattentive type: A pilot study of a new treatment protocol E. Eskilsson Strålin, Sweden L. Thorell, S. Bölte, T. Lundgren, B. Bohman

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