ECP 2019 Preliminary Programme

5 ECP 2019 · Nice e AFFILIATED SOCIETIES e Cardiovascular Pathology President: J. Lucena, Spain Secretary: G. D'Amati, Italy e Haematopathology President: G. Ott, Germany Secretary: J. Goodlad, UK e Neuropathology (Euro – CNS) President: P. Ince, UK e Ophthalmic Pathology President: R. M. Verdijk, The Netherlands e Paediatric Pathology President: G. Vujanic, Qatar Secretary: S. Holden, UK e BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE ESP The European Society of Pathology (ESP) was established in 1963 in Brussels and is a leading force in European pathology and, as such, is pivotal to the future of the spe- cialty in Europe and beyond. As a scientific society, the ESP has, as its primary aim, the promotion of high qual- ity diagnostic practice, applied and translational research and under- and postgraduate education in the field of hu- man pathology. This is achieved through its congresses, its journal Virchows Archiv and various other activities. The ESP interacts with national pathology societies in Europe and has developed links with other EU bodies in close col- laboration with UEMS (Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes) and EAPCP (European Association of Pathol- ogy Chairs and Programme Directors). The European School of Pathology under the auspices of the ESP and with the support of 20 Working Groups and 5 Affiliated Societies representing different fields of pathol- ogy is involved in the organisation of courses to meet the needs of young pathologists. The ESP Foundation provides external quality assessment (QA) programmes for several biomarkers. Diagnostic laboratories worldwide participate in the ESP Foundation QA schemes, such as Lung and Colon. Office of the ESP Rue Bara 6, 1070 Brussels, Belgium Phone: +32–25208036 E-mail: Committees and Organisers / About the ESP Get the ECP 2019 App for your smartphone and experience the congress at your fingertips. Stop carrying around piles of paper. Just take the congress with you, wherever and when- ever you want. e Send questions to the chairman during a session. e Quickly find your way through the most up-to-date congress schedule. e Mark your favorite sessions and personalise your experience. e Access vital information around the congress. The App is completely free and provides iPhone/iPad and Android users at the 31 st ECP in Nice with on-the-go access to the congress' most exciting interactive features. The ECP 2019 App is powered by GLOBIT GmbH in cooperation with esanum GmbH. e ECP 2019 APP ECP 2019 Available in stores in August 2019

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