Final Programme CINP 2014 - page 6

welcome address
The website is also envisioned as a portal for educational activities,
so stay tuned for these exciting new developments.
On behalf of all current and incoming members of the CINP Execu-
tive Committee and colleagues on the Local Organizing Committee
we look forward to meeting you in person during the meeting.
We are also delighted to wish you a most enjoyable and stimulating
stay in Vancouver, one that fills your mind with exciting new ideas
and fond memories of a unique city that in many ways may serve as
a template for the successful multicultural cities of the 21
Prof. Anthony George Phillips
CINP and Congress President
Prof. Lakshmi Yatham
Co-Chair, Local Organizing Committee
Prof. R. Michael Krausz
Co-Chair, Local Organizing Committee
Prof. Brian Dean
Chair, International Scientific Programme Committee
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