Final Programme 2019

51 WORLD FEDERATION SATELLITE SYMPOSIA ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The organizers of the 7 th World Congress on ADHD gratefully acknowledge the support of the following companies (as per April 2019): MAJOR SPONSOR AND EXHIBITOR Takeda FURTHER SPONSORS AND EXHIBITORS e MEDICE e neuroConn – neuroCare Group e Soho Flordis International (SFI) e The Tova Company e Wisepress Medical Bookshop Thursday, 25 April 2019 SA-01 Industry Sponsored Symposium 17:45–19:15 Auditorium II The unrecognized adult ADHD patient Chair: J. A. Ramos Quiroga, Spain SA-01-001 Adult ADHD and accidents: Live (and drive) fast, die young? A. Reif, Germany SA-01-002 The language of ADHD and its relevance in the diagnostic process K. van Rensburg, United Kingdom Supported by an unrestricted grant from MEDICE. Friday, 26 April 2019 SA-02 Industry Sponsored Symposium 12:45–14:15 Auditorium VI + VII ADHD: A family affair Chair: D. Bull, United Kingdom SA-02-001 ADHD and comorbidities: Are they in the family genes? P. Asherson, United Kingdom SA-02-002 Why family matters D. Daley, United Kingdom SA-02-003 ADHD and the impact on family life C. Enever, United Kingdom SA-02-004 Strategies for success in clinical practice: Managing ADHD in families D. Daley, United Kingdom S. Young, United Kingdom J. Örnberg, Denmark Moderated panel-audience discussion K. Handelman, Canada A. Philipsen, Germany J. Quintero, Spain Supported by an unrestricted grant from Takeda.

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