Final Programme 2019

41 WORLD FEDERATION EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS Friday, 26 April 2019 ES-01 Educational Seminar 17:45–18:45 Room 1.02 Women ADHD – specificity of symptoms Chairs: A. Rodrigues & M. Neves, Portugal The recognition of ADHD in girls and women is a hot topic given the growing evidence of phenotypic differences in males and females. The behavioral expression of similar cog­ nitive and emotional difficulties constitutes a clinical, peda- gogical and personal knowledge of the utmost importance in order to reduce the number of cases of female persons who will not be correctly diagnosed. In the case of ADHD, and given the significant impact it has on personal, academic and professional life, it happens that failure to identify this problem leads to misdiagnoses and the implementation of ineffective interventions. This perpetuates the discomfort of girls and women with ADHD who see delayed intervention. In this Educational Seminar we intend to detail the pheno- typic differences according to sex and to detail their evolution throughout the development, referring to the clinical and scientific experience of the lecturers. It is also intended to discuss the significant impact that, throughout the life, ADHD has in the case of female people. An extensive clinical and educational experience exchange is intended for participants in this Seminar based on their own professional experiences. ES-02 Educational Seminar 17:45–18:45 Auditorium III Psychoeducation, cognitive-behavioural treatment and new non-pharmacological interventions for adult ADHD patients Chair: A. Philipsen, Germany ADHD over the lifespan can cause severe negative psychosocial consequences. Therefore, beside medication, psychoeducation and behavioral strategies are meaningful additional treatment options. In the course, core elements of (cognitive) behavioral strategies and mindfulness-based strategies are presented. Moreover, complementary treatments such as physical activity and underlying mechanisms are discussed. ES-03 Educational Seminar 17:45–18:45 Auditorium IV Assessment strategies of ADHD in adults Chair: W. Retz, Germany The diagnosis of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adults is a complex process especially if the disor- der was not diagnosed during childhood. Different databases and data sources have to be considered. The seminar adres- ses typical psychopathological features of adult ADHD accor- ding to DSM-5 and beyond and typical functional problems of adult ADHD patients. Also, the seminar provides an over- view of general problems of the assessment, the different steps of the diagnostic process and the instruments which can be useful to diagnose the disorder. Available are inter- views, self and observer rating scales. Finally, some unsolved issues in the assessment of ADHD in adults are discussed. e Registration fee for Educational Seminars and Meet-the-Expert-Session: EUR 50 per session. Only valid in combination with the congress registration fee.

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