Final Programme 2019

14 SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMME Thursday, 25 April 2019 HT-01 Hot Topic Symposium 14:00–15:30 Auditorium II What sleep have to do with ADHD and its treatment? Chairs: S. Kooij, The Netherlands M. Stein, USA HT-01-001 The complex interface between ADHD and sleep M. D. Weiss, USA HT-01-002 What we know about ADHD treatments and sleep problems? M. Stein, USA HT-01-003 Sleep rhythm and adult ADHD S. Kooij, The Netherlands HT-01-004 New research developments that can im- pact practice E. Sciberras, Australia HT-02 Hot Topic Symposium 14:00–15:30 Room 5 B Seeing beyond the disorder Chairs: A. Bilbow, United Kingdom J. Sedgwick, United Kingdom HT-02-001 The need for, the role of, and the impact of psychoeducation as seen through the work of a patient advocacy organisation in the community A. Bilbow, United Kingdom HT-02-002 The good side of living with ADHD: The patient perspective I. Kestelman, Brazil HT-02-003 A qualitative investigation of successful people with ADHD J. Sedgwick, United Kingdom HT-03 Hot Topic Symposium 14:00–15:30 Room 5 C Adult ADHD across Europe /World Chairs: A. Ponte, Portugal P. Asherson, United Kingdom HT-03-001 Europe P. Asherson, United Kingdom HT-03-002 America J. Biederman, USA HT-03-003 Asia T. Saito, Japan HT-03-004 Africa R. Shoeman, South Africa HT-03-005 South America P. Mattos, Brazil HT-04 Hot Topic Symposium 14:00–15:30 Auditorium I New perspectives on functional outcomes in children and adults with ADHD Chairs: D. Coghill, Australia A. Philipsen, Germany HT-04-001 Developmental changes of neuropsycho- logical function from childhood to young adulthood in individuals with and without ADHD S. Gau, Taiwan HT-04-002 Standardized assessment of functioning in ADHD using the International Classi­ fication of Functioning, disability and health (ICF) framework S. Bölte, Sweden HT-04-003 Quality of life – short and long-term effects of multimodal treatment in adult ADHD A. Philipsen, Germany HT-04-004 Decision making in ADHD D. Coghill, Australia HT-05 Hot Topic Symposium 14:00–15:30 Room 5 A Preterm birth and ADHD Chairs: J. Kuntsi, United Kingdom L. A. Rohde, Brazil HT-05-001 A risk score based on neonatal data to predict ADHD in pre-schoolers: Generating data in a clinical sample of preterm infants and validating it in population samples L. A. Rohde, Brazil HT-05-002 ADHD and autism spectrum disorder symp- toms in school-age children born preterm T. Bröring-Starre, The Netherlands HT-05-003 Association of preterm birth with cog- nitive-neurophysiological impairments and ADHD symptoms: A sibling study of adolescents J. Kuntsi, United Kingdom HT-05-004 Preterm birth and neuropsychiatric genetic risks: Investigating their interplay in a UK neonatal cohort A. Thapar, United Kingdom

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